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Nadugi with mint wrapped in Sulguni

In this recipe from western Georgia we show how to make a delicious appetizer made with cottage cheese and mint wrapped in very thin Sulguni cheese.

Pkhali and Cornbread

Pkhali is a popular dish that can be made with many different types of leaves, including spinach, nettles, cabbage and beetroot. It can also be made with vegetables and nuts.

Eggplant Rolls with Walnuts

Georgian Cheese

Sulguni cheese, Imeruli cheese, Shebolili cheese, Tenili cheese, Chechili cheese, Guda cheese, Dambalkhacho, Nadugi.


Swedish Table

  1. Soup(Vegetables, or peas, or soup with meat);
  2. Salad(Cucumber and tomato, or Olivier, or Chicken’s, or vegetables);
  3. Stewed vegetables;
  4. Eggplant with walnuts;
  5. Fried potatoes with gravy;
  6. Special meat dish with garnish(Chicken, or beef or fish);
  7. Khachapuri;
  8. Bread;
  9. Khinkali;
  10. Lemonade, Mineral Water;
  11. Fruit assortment;
  12. Cakes;
  13. Tea, coffee;
  14. Wine (1 glass of red and 1 glass of white wine per person).


Swedish Table

  1. Hot soup;
  2. Meat dish (Or beef, or chicken or fish);
  3. Garner (rice, potato);
  4. Vegetable dish / or eggplant with walnuts, or beans, or ajafsandal or vegetable ragu;
  5. Salad (or cucumber-tomato, or olivia, or Greek);
  6. Cheese assorted, Khachapuri;
  7. Yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, Matsoni, porridge;
  8. Bread, butter, jam and honey;
  9. Tea / green, black / coffee / Ground,Instant, Turkish, Americano, Espreso;
  10. Mineral water;
  11. Fruit juice;
  12. Fruit assortment;
  13. Cake, pancakes with meat or cottage cheese, Pies with cheese, or mushrooms or potatoes;
  14. Italian Pasta /with tomatoes, cheese, mushroom;
  15. Wine (1 glass of red and 1 glass of white wine per person).